Android History Cleaner

Warning!! – Your Android phone is tracking all your activities!!!

Easy ways to delete all the temporary data saved on your phone before it gets hacked.

Due to everyday usage of your Android phone, a lot of junk data gets accumulated. It may include the browser search history, application and browser cache data, full call log and all the sent / received messages. For the Android phones with less memory storage, this junk data can take up required space. This degrades the phone’s performance and you might run out of memory space for storing important data.

Most of the users doesn’t know that why their Android device is showing low disk space and even if they get to know, the process of removing that data can be a tedious task. In this article, I am going to show you how you can remove this unwanted data and make your phone anew.

To clear all Android history, you need to perform various cleaning processes. Let’s discuss them one by one –

Android Browser History cleaner – All the websites that you open, all the searches that you make through your browser are saved in the browser history. When some other user gets access to your phone’s browser, he / she can easily get to know as what were you doing. This can sometimes be against your privacy and anyone will feel uncomfortable losing it. For clearing Android history of the browser that you are using, follow these steps –

  1. Open browser
  2. Go to options – Settings
  3. In the Privacy Settings tab, tap on the Clear History option.
  4. As soon as you accept the confirmation message, all the history will be deleted.

Android Market history cleaner – Android market is a place which contains all the Android apps, games, utilities, etc. It is now known as Play Store with advanced features and improved GUI. All the searches that you perform in the market are stored in the form of search history. This data remains there and can be accessed by anyone until it is removed. To erase the search history, open Google Play – Settings – Clear search history.

Clear Android Call Log - People who make frequent calls will be having a huge list of outgoing, incoming and missed calls in their Android phone call log. This might make the phone to work slow or sometimes result in hangs. To remove each and every call log entry one-by-one will be a hectic job. In order to perform this task at once, go to call log and open the options, then select Delete. Mark the entries that you need to delete or check Select All. After that a confirmation message will be displayed which you have to accept.

Android Cache History Cleaner – When a website is accessed or an app is used, some supporting data is downloaded to the Android device. This data is known as cache and it remains there even after closing the app or the website. This cache also sometimes contains the saved passwords and username, so you can understand if this gets hacked, what will you lose.

  • To clean browser cache, open Browser – Settings – Clear cache.
  • To clean app cache, open Menu in Home Page – Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Select app and tap Clear cache button.

Try removing this junk data using the methods mentioned above. You will definitely feel the difference after this and your Android device will work like never before.

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